Andaseat x Avengers

The world's most leading gaming chair brand Andaseat along with Disney, launches the Marvel gaming chairs 2020 Edition.

Andaseat offers the top quality ergonomic PVC gaming chair with the leading techniques, pefecting your seating experience in a healthy and productive way. Avengers make everying the best, Andaseat makes your sitting the best.

Andaseat creativily applies the elements of your beloved Avengers heroes into the design of the chairs, making every chair your unique hero throne in the world.

The first batch of Andaseat Marvel 2020 Edition comes with the 4 characters of Avengers - Captain America , Iron Man , Ant Man and the representative of new generation-Spider Man!

Avengers, Assemble!

The great leadership of Captain America inspires every Andaseat user to take charge of your own. The Avengers logo "A" and the logo star on the top of the chairs highlights this is the leader chair of the range.

Captain America Edition Floor Mat

You can't break a fact, I am iron man.

Iron Man is the most innovative engineer and scientist in Avengers. His talents and justice are fully demonstrated in the design of Andaseat Iron Man Edition. The overal design is recognizable at the first glance-I am Iron Man.

Spider Man Edition Floor Mat

With great power comes great responsibility.

Andaseat Spider-Man 2020 Edition applies the most recognizable elements of Spider-Man. This chair forms a big area in your home in Spider-Man style. Like it and enjoy it. It perfectly matches your other Avengers gadgests in the room and it stands out to be the most eye-catching one.

Ant Man Edition Floor Mat

Don't let your past
determine the future

Ant Man is one of the heros with the most special capability-size-shifting from nearly microscopic to ~100 feet gigantic. He offers the major strategic turning point in the Endgame. His unique role is demonstrated in the design of Andaseat Ant Man Edition. The overal design is recognizable at the first glance-Don’t let your past determinethe future.

Iron Man Edition Floor Mat

More heroes are coming, pick your favorite marvel hero

Black Panther


Black Widow


Green Giant



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Follow Andaseat social media and win 50% coupon code. Guess the price of all 3 Andaseat & Marvel heroes chairs, We will choose the fisrt right answer on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as the lucky guys. The 3 winners will be announced on Andaseat Facebook Group & Andaseat Discord Server.

Delivery: The 50% coupon code will be sent to your email in 3 days after we officially annouced the winners.

How to join

we will giveaway 3 Anda Seat Marvel Edition Premium Gaming Chairs to 3 lucky winners.

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